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Ford Econoline Van 4X4 conversion

Ford Econoline Van 4X4 conversion

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  • Radius arm brackets with lift pad Made out of 1/4 plate work are extremely strong and have no problem holding the weight of the entire vehicle. A cool feature that comes built into the radius arms are lift pads. It's always hard to locate where you can pit a jack or lift pads under a vehicle, well thats's not a problem anymore because you will be able to safely jack the vehicle up from the lift pads.
  • Track Bar Bracket  The track bar is used for centering the axle is under a lot of stress all the time. Our track bar bracket is made out 1/4" plate and puts the track bar in the correct location allowing minimal bump steer and the strength that these heavy vehicles need.
  • Axle side track bar bracket In our 4x4 Conversion kits we also include axle side brackets for the track bar brackets for the track bar made out of 1/4" plate and produced by Ruffstuff Specialties.
  • Custom Track Bar  Our track bars are custom made for the application . The Track bar may need to be longer or shorter depending on the amount of lift the vehicle has. 
  • Tie Rods w/ Heims 
  • Weld on High Steer 
  • Drag Link w/ Heims
  • Custom Double Sheer Pitman Arm
  • Shock Towers 

Our shock towers are made out of 1/4" plate and locate the top of the shocks on the frame. 

  • Axle Side Shock Mounts 
  • Shifter Bracket

We can make our own plasma cut shifter bracket based off of the original stock part that Ford produced 

  • Shifter

We can custom make a shifter for your application depending on where you want it located.

  • Tabs and Bracket for hydro assist 

Made out of 1/4' plate these tabs will save you time and allow the hydraulic ram to be clamped to the tie rods and not to be connected to the welded on the tie rod making alignments easier.

FORD f-250/350 4x4 Conversion - Same Parts 



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